Learn more about Bruce Starr's record of unethical behavior.

Let’s remind Bruce Starr that “Aloha” also means goodbye.


While one street gets love from Bruce Starr, a street closer to home suffers...

Bruce Starr works hard for Wall Street banks. But what about us?

Fourteen-year incumbent Bruce Starr voted for them all.

Then he turned around and accepted campaign contributions from the state’s largest association of bankers!

Bruce Starr’s Campaign Contribution Records document the money he’s taken from the banking
industry. You can find his records on the ORESTAR site.

Find out more about the pro-Wall Street votes that Bruce Starr has cast

That kind of thinking just doesn’t cut it on Main Street, Oregon.

Bruce Starr has supported 8 bills to interfere with a woman’s personal medical decisions, including restrictions that would have shut down almost every abortion provider in Oregon.

He's also taken thousands of dollars from Oregon Right To Life, which wants to restrict birth control and ban safe, legal abortion – even in cases of rape and incest.

Bruce Starr wants to turn back the clock on women.